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Smart, Inclusive, and Unique Shopping

Welcome to Beaver Science Tools! A store that encourages inclusivity, highlights visual/non-visual learning, and science!

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Video Demonstration

Here is a quick visual demonstration of my product! It starts after 10 seconds!

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Smart, Affordable Products

I am an individual business owner who was inspired by my time at an MIT spring program of assistive technology. After creating, donating, and sharing this product I decided that I wanted to present it to all who were interested. These products are all made with my Ender 3D Printer and were designed on the program Inventor. These boxes accompanied with puzzle pieces have braille and English lettering on them for an inclusive learning experience. These puzzle boxes have magnets that are fitted inside the boxes behind the holes for the puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece has magnets inside it as well, flipped to magnetize with each hole in the puzzle box. For those visually impaired it is a perfect way to feel the magnets inside the puzzle pieces stick or repel to the boxes depending on the elements. These boxes are great for visual and nonvisual learners! They are also great for people who lack motor skills!

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